Mistress at the center of the Colorado dentist murder case is revealed

The mistress who has found herself at the center of the Colorado dentist murder case can be identified for the first time today by DailyMail.com.She is orthodontist Karin Cain (pictured), 부천역 치과 49, who is currently in the middle of a divorce from her husband Jason. On Wednesday we caught up with Cain as she left her office in Marble Falls, 부천역 치과 Texas, in her medical scrubs and 부천역 치과 purple sneakers, for a lunch break. She was still wearing a wedding band on her ring finger despite currently going through a divorce from her husband 부천역 치과 Jason. Read the full story:

She did not respond to questions about her alleged affair with [adult entertainment]-addicted dentist James Craig who has been charged with poisoning his wife. Instead, she called police on a DailyMail.com photographer. The cops agreed he was just doing his job and told him that Cain had told them she knew the media was looking for her because of her relationship with Craig. Read the full story:

Craig (pictured), 45, from Aurora, Colorado, is being held on suspicion of murdering his wife of 24 years, Angela, by poisoning her. Investigators claim he mixed potassium cyanide in her protein drinks. Angela, 43, first started feeling sick on March 6. By March 15, she was in hospital for the third time complaining of headaches and nausea, and quickly suffered a seizure. She was taken off life support on March 18. Read the full story:

Cain’s name was included in two places in court documents filed in Craig’s case in Colorado, although many other times her name was redacted. One was on an image of a SouthWest plane itinerary from Austin – the nearest airport to Cain’s home in Marble Falls – to Denver, that included the name Karin Kathleen Cain (pictured). She was due to fly out on March 8 and return two days later. ‘It appeared that James had REDACTED visit him while his wife was in the hospital sick,’ wrote Aurora Detective Bobbi Olson in the affidavit. The other was at the bottom of a March 16 email and included her professional qualifications and work address. Read the full story:

In the email to her alleged lover, she wrote: ‘Hi honey, I am so sorry for what has transpired this week in your world. I am sorry II am not a part of your world to be of more help to you and instead I am pulling you away. This is so hard. I want to be and do whatever I can to support and encourage you and I don’t want to add to what has become an incredibly difficult time. I can’t imagine what it is doing to you to walk your kids through this. I do want to give you any comfort I can but I do not feel it is right for me to mix in with all those gathering to mourn Angela either and I do not want to meet your family as a friend and try to conceal what I feel for you. I am praying for you and seeking Gods wisdom for this time.’ She signed off with the words ‘I love you.’ Olson, who prepared the papers, told DailyMail.com she had passed them on to the district attorney without blacking out names and that office was responsible for any redactions. Read the full story:

According to Cain’s online biography, she has lived in Marble Falls since 2004 and has two adult children, a daughter Karson, 21, and a son Kooper, 19. She says on her website that she is the only orthodontic specialist in Burnet and Llano counties, west of Austin. Despite her relationship with Craig, she seems to have a low opinion of general dentists as she stresses why patients should use orthodontic specialists. ‘Unfortunately, many general dentists who wish to increase their income by adding orthodontic treatment, or even focusing a majority of their clinic time on orthodontics, are not up front with their patients and even allow their staff to affirm that they are an orthodontist when questioned,’ she writes on her website. ‘Many will pay for membership in official sounding groups and go to weekend courses to add certificates to their credentials. As a consumer it is very confusing. Dr. Cain’s years of education, training, and experience allow her to provide the highest quality, efficient, and most effective orthodontic care to patients of all ages.’ Read the full story:

Angela Craig was taken to the hospital on March 15. She died on March 19, after four days on life support

Craig’s case has caused a media frenzy. He is a Mormon who is allegedly addicted to adult websites, had numerous affairs o over the years and successfully hid his drug abuse and gambling problems. Angela (pictured) was said to be determined to work on her marriage to dentist James Craig despite his multiple infidelities and other issues in their relationship. Although she raised her concerns with her sister – saying several times that she would leave her husband – he always managed to talk her round. Craig had ‘run the dental office into the ground’ according to his wife, and the family’s financial situation was said to be ‘dire.’ Read the full story:

Heartbreaking messages show the mother-of-six complaining about how she felt ‘dizzy’ and ‘nauseous’ as she deteriorated in hospital from what cops say was poison put in her smoothies by James. But Angela (pictured) continued to tell her husband how much she loves him. The dentist sent his wife several loving messages, including telling her that he had written her a song, despite police saying he knew she was slowly being poisoned. He was arrested in Aurora on Sunday, accused of killing his wife by poisoning her protein shakes, all the while conducting an affair with Cain. Read the full story:

Messages revealed by police in an arrest affidavit show seemingly loving messages between the married couple as social media photographs all show Angela showering her husband in kisses for loved-up snaps on their shared Facebook page. While his wife deteriorated in hospital and was dealing with mystified doctors, Craig also flew his mistress over from Texas while simultaneously messaging his wife to say he ‘wished he could stay longer’ at the hospital with her. Angela and Craig started discussing her strange symptoms via text on March 6, just a day after she returned from a short trip to visit her sister in Utah – where she showed no signs of ill health. Pictured: Karin Cain poses with husband Jason, daughter Karson, 21, and son Kooper, 19. Read the full story:

Messages obtained by police show Craig thanking her for making his drink before he admits to giving her too many B vitamins in her protein shake. She said: ‘You’re welcome baby, I love you too,’ before adding that her head feels ‘funny and dizzy’ and initially blaming it on caffeine. The pair continue to chat about her feeling unwell, with Craig insisting that he will ‘come home’ from the surgery to care for his sick wife. Angela then reassures her husband at 6.38am on March 7 that he doesn’t have to miss work – with her sister later telling police that their finances were dire and Craig’s dental surgery was being ‘run into the ground.’ She then questions if her illness is due to a ‘sinus infection’ before telling her husband: ‘I’m not sure what you were expecting, I don’t think this is a sleep thing.’ Read the full story:

He sent repeated declarations of love before flying in his mistress from March 8 to March 10 – with her arriving just two days after he is accused of administering the poison on March 6. Writing to his wife after she complained of nausea, headaches, exhaustion and vomiting, he said: ‘I love you. It was so nice hanging out with you and just watching a show and snuggling. I am so grateful that the last couple of days have allowed me to have more flexibility in my schedule.’ Angela then references ‘reliving the past,’ which her sister told police was referring to an incident where Craig had drugged her previously – something he claimed was because he intended to take his own life and didn’t want her to stop him. She then thanks him for checking on her repeatedly throughout March 8, before saying ‘I love you’ and apologizing for falling asleep on the sofa. Read the full story:

The mother-of-six was then admitted to Parker Adventist Hospital on March 9, three days after she was initially seen and released. She was ultimately discharged on March 14 before her death the next day. On March 10, the day his mistress left Colorado, Craig tells her to ‘get some rest finally,’ to which she replies, ‘I love having you here I just don’t wanna wear you out. Trying to take care of everything at home and be here with me.’ He said: ‘I’m fine. It’s really busy and crazy but that’s always the case when you’re not around/ I want to be up there with you 24/7.’ It appears he then came back to the hospital to visit his wife, with her texting him at 9pm to say ‘Thank you for coming back. I miss you so much and it’s nice to have some time. I love you.’ Pictured: James and Angela Craig pose for a family picture with their six children aged eight to 20. Read the full story:

Craig (pictured), hours after his mistress jumped on a plane to Texas, messages his wife at midnight to tell her that he ‘workup dreaming about making love’ to her. On March 12 he offered to have her hooked up to an IV at home, offering to fill it with fluids from his office – with Angela initially refusing before saying, ‘we can see if it would make you feel better.’ She then asks Craig to bring her several personal items before going for more medical tests and texting her husband to say, ‘My brain is normal, so there! I hope you’re getting some sleep. I miss you.’ Later in the evening she replied to a message from Craig which said ‘I want to be close to you,’ saying ‘I love you too baby! Thank you for handling so much. Maybe someone will figure me out tonight.’ The couple continue to discuss her symptoms, before she tells him the day before she returns home that she needs to makes sure she ‘doesn’t feel like vomiting’ before they sleep together. Read the full story:

In their final exchange before she suffered a seizure, Angela told her husband that she was ‘having trouble staying upright’ with him responding several times as she was already rushed to hospital after suffering a seizure. When speaking to police Angela’s sister said that Craig had had ‘multiple affairs with several women’ and said he was ‘addicted to [adult websites] since he was a teenager.’ Angela also complained to her sister that during a recent trip to Las Vegas Craig had gambled away over $2,000 – despite the family struggling financially. She was pronounced brain dead on March 18, twelve days after Craig is accused of poisoning her. Craig would not allow hospital staff to conduct an autopsy, with family members urging him to allow the process in case the cause was ‘genetic’ and to see if it could prevented from passing down their family. But he denied the request, saying he felt ‘if they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her when she was alive then he wouldn’t let them poke her more when she was dead.’ Read the full story:

According to the charging documents, Craig had researched poison on his office computer. Search terms included: ‘how many grams of pure arsenic will kill a human;’ ‘Is Arsenic Detectable in Autopsy;’ ‘Top 5 Undetectable Poisons That Show No Signs of Foul Play;’ ‘how to make poison,’ and ‘The Top 10 Deadliest Plants (They Can Kill You).’ Craig ordered more poison, with a delivery of cyanide dispatched on March 13, and Angela accusing her husband of poisoning her when she was discharged on March 14. He was reported to the authorities by one of his co-workers, who was suspicious about his behavior and the poison deliveries. Pictured: Text messages Craig exchanged with Angela while she was in hospital fighting for her life. Read the full story:

The affidavit said Craig planned to ‘end his wife’s life by searching for ways to kill someone undetected, providing her poisons that align with her hospitalized symptoms, and working on starting a new life with [his lover].’ The dentist allegedly ordered the arsenic online on February 27 and received a package at home on March 4. Craig’s second package arrived at work on March 13 and when an employee opened the box she found a bio hazard sticker and a canister marked ‘Potassium Cyanide.’ She googled the chemical compound and realized the symptoms of cyanide poisoning was similar to the symptoms Angela was experiencing. Pictured: Craig, dressed up as the tooth fairy, in a photo from the dental practice’s social media pages. Read the full story:

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