O Mourn Bird, Sing with Me-Mahjabeen Malik

O’ mourn bird where are thee?
Please, come along and listen to me.

My voice of pain and grief,
Shattering all my belief;

Belief in love and faith
In a still state of wraith.

O mourn bird, come to me.
Don’t chirp in the tree.

I want to fly so high;
Higher and higher in the sky.

Leaving all the world of pain,
I wanna discover a new domain.

O’ mourn bird comfort me.
It is just a humble plea.

O’ Deception, I want to forget all
And never wish to recall.

The memories of pain,
Recalling everything in vain.

O mourn bird sing with me
A melodious song.
Hmm hmm hmm hmm
Sing with me, come along!!

Mahjabeen Malik is a prolific poet and has published six collections of poetry.
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