Hydraulic Pumps For Sale In West Monroe, LA – Hydra-Tech Techniques

We offer both pumps and hydraulic motors types motors for sale, in a wide range of capacities and styles, designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing system. Rely on our staff to not only provide the best parts, but in addition the experience and oversight wanted to get them up and operating inside your system.

What stands out about this junkyard find is that the automotive was a really tricked-out mobster mobile with a few of the following special options: three-quarter-inch, bullet-proof glass; two-sided license plates for rapidly changing the car’s id; metal armor flaps for deflecting bullets and preserving rear tires from puncturing under gunfire; eight guns, together with revolvers, sawed-off shotguns, pistols and rifles; sledge hammers, claw instruments, six flashlights, a wrecking bar, a monkey wrench and different burglary tools; explosive dynamite and blasting caps; an empty bank bag; and lots of rubber wire [supply: Passic].

Retaining the identical lineup as in 1950, the Super now carried the complete sweepspear on all models. Nevertheless, this was the final 12 months for Buick Jetbacks; only 1500 two-doors had been produced, and solely as a brilliant. Engines have been unchanged for each Tremendous and Roadmaster. In the Roadmaster line, the Jetback coupe departed.

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