What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an alternative medicine method that involves applying gentle pressure on specific reflex points in the feet and hands. It is usually done without lotion or oil. Research has proven that it can improve blood circulation in the body as well as relieve discomfort and pain.

The origins of this form of therapy is reflexology’s principles which is an Oriental medical practice. It is focused on identifying and treating the areas where an individual is at the most level of relaxation. Although reflexology is often linked to Oriental medicine it can be far more sophisticated than this. In fact, it is used all over the world nowadays. The practitioner locates reflex points on the hands or feet, and treat the areas. The areas are then addressed with pressure points which target those organs. Foot reflexology, palm reflexology, and palm reflexology are three of the most well-known kinds of reflexology.

Foot reflexology is extremely effective at increasing blood circulation across the entire body. Patients who utilize this method say they feel the skin getting moist and itchy. It targets certain areas of the feet such as the heels, toes and the ankle. One advantage of using foot reflexology is that it doesn’t require the overuse of massage oil that is sometimes required for other types of massage.

Palm reflexology is a different method of Reflexology. Palm reflexology follows the same basic principles of reflexology, but it is done in a different manner. The practitioner will not apply pressure on the reflex points, but will place their hands over specific parts of the patients palm. This method creates a sensation of relaxation and calm in the palm that helps relax the muscles throughout the body. This method of Reflexology can improve the overall health of the body and healing for the entire body. Furthermore, people get results from this type of treatment within ten minutes.

Relaxation is yet another aspect of Reflexology. Reflexologists use the mind-body connection to create feelings of relaxation and relaxation for patients prior to they be treated with Reflexology treatment. A patient who has had tension or stress might be more responsive to treatment. Reflexology doesn’t need to be lengthy or be time-consuming. The Reflexologist can induce a relaxing state in the patient with as little as 10 minutes.

The joints, tissues as well as muscles are also stretched using Reflexology. In conjunction with massage therapy, Reflexology is especially beneficial for arthritis sufferers and those who have injuries. Reflexology has been proven to relieve pain that lasts for several weeks, if not longer than months. Many people who have painful feet find it beneficial that Reflexology when combined with massage therapy may reduce inflammation and pain. They report better overall health, relief from pain, and the ability to continue your daily routine without hassle.

It is not designed to treat, diagnose or cure any disease. It is utilized in conjunction with other medical treatments to improve overall health and wellbeing. It can also be utilized as an supplement to therapy following surgeries, or after any other trauma. Reflexology can be used by some individuals to help to relax and reduce stress caused by working, at home, or personal obligations. Reflexology in conjunction with traditional medicines, 화성출장안마 may provide more relief than many other therapies.

The most common areas Reflexology addresses are feet, back, the neck, the arches of the shoulder, the spine, palms of the hands and feet, the ears, and even the mind. Patients may feel discomforts in the area when the feet or hands touch these reflex spots. Because reflex points are very sensitive, both the hands and feet can feel pain. Some clients may feel a relax effect when they apply pressure to the reflex points by using the forefoot or hand. They may also be relaxed and refreshed after the session. Many clients say that the pressure points become evident during therapy sessions and that they are not required to move.

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