How to Make a YouTube Video The Right Way

This can be an extremely time-consuming process, especially if you’re uploading longer videos on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Even though you won’t actually use audio and video equipment during pre-production, you don’t want to be scrambling on filming day to figure out what gear you need. Planning ahead and making a literal gear checklist can save you a lot of unnecessary hassle later.

But video editing requires specialized expertise, consumes time, and requires creativity to ensure the information flows well and keeps the viewer engaged. If you create video sketches regularly for your channel, they will improve your skills — while also elevating your portfolio. For example, post stills of your videos on Instagram, or ask your followers to suggest new recipes on Twitter. Building your YouTube community helps you get the most success from your channel. Engaging with your audience creates a connection with them, which increases views, likes, comments, and subscriptions.

Often, they find it more profitable to pay YouTube channels that already have a solid fan base to promote their products. Affiliate marketing is an excellent idea if you have an affinity with followers. Large marketing agencies don’t depend entirely on their channels of content distribution. He adds his courses in his video descriptions with a solid call to action to help drive viewers into action, so they purchase his courses. This was the first channel where we decided to try his methods, and they actually worked for us, so we decided to go after a more lucrative United States market. We don’t upload new videos on this channel anymore because the EPM is too low.

You can invite a popular gamer to your channel and do a popular game stream, including your product. Choose a video for your playlist thumbnail that has an extra dose of intrigue and curiosity. This is how you’ll help viewers choose your playlist when it appears in search results.

Instead of looking for YouTube ideas for beginners, think of what you’re good at. For instance, you can use your skill and creativity to deliver information to the viewers via DIY videos. Tell your audience about the ways to make a cute DIY-present for a friend. Why not tell everyone how to assemble a skateboard on your own and tailor it to your needs?

Less than two minutes usually isn’t enough, and more than fifteen minutes starts to be too long. The important thing is to ensure that your video is full of useful content from start to finish. Don’t pad it out just so you can hit a certain length; always keep your viewers’ preferences in mind. If you go live on YouTube, however, you should aim to broadcast for at least thirty minutes and no more than two hours.

Without taking this critical step, all your challenging work shooting, producing and editing videos will be for nothing. Optimizing your videos is a critical step to ensure your videos are properly tagged, so they will surface when someone types a relevant keyword into YouTube’s massive search engine. There are billions of minutes of videos uploaded to YouTube, and you need to ensure that your content stands out and that it’s easily accessible. The upload part of the process is simple and only takes a few minutes. With a watermark, your audience will be able to identify which videos are uniquely yours quickly. The watermark helps create consistency across multiple videos, tying them back to your account.

Cameras in today’s mobile devices provide a decent quality of the picture and sound. Start with what you already have and focus on using various angles, effects, and transitions instead. There is no need to spend extra money on video creation gear at the very beginning of your clip-making career. You can try using more complex equipment when you are sure you’ll manage to run it. You may have more flexibility to add a few of those artsy shots once you’ve built up a larger audience, but always remember to think like a viewer and build what you’d want to see. For instance, you may need a lavalier mic for shooting workout videos or any other form of video that allows you to be far away from the camera.

Read more about buy subscribers youtube here. To be honest, nowadays, peoples love to watch high-quality videos rather than low-quality. If you’re not making money from YouTube then Lightworks is the best free software for editing YouTube videos on Windows (it isn’t licensed for commercial projects). There are some drawbacks to using the free version of a paid software (it’s quite tricky and pretty cumbersome), but it is a popular option and has an abundance of features. Our top choice of software for editing videos for YouTube is Adobe’s Premiere Pro.

There are multiple factors that come into play to make a video stand out among others. And believe it or not, they mostly have to do with how well you plan your video before actually creating it. Did you know that video was forecasted to account for 81% of total consumer internet traffic in 2021? This means that when someone’s on the internet, there’s a high chance they’re watching a video over anything else. If you do include text, make sure tomake the letters big, since thumbnails tend to be pretty tiny, even when viewed on large screens. Not only is it bad form, it will also severely hurt the chances of your video getting a lot of views.

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