Want to get more followers on Instagram? Dont make these 21 Mistakes

A lot of people get discouraged by the idea of approaching bigger accounts for an S4S, because it seems like they don’t have a comparable follower count. But while your follower count may be the most important metric on Instagram, it doesn’t mean that it is the only metric on Instagram. If it was, then anyone could be an influencer with a couple of bucks and a few thousand bots as Instagram followers.

Instagram will show only three lines of your image caption in user’s feeds. If you can grab attention with those first three lines, you’ve won. This is one of the most overlooked tactics in sharing photos. You should add several paragraphs of valuable written content to your post.

There are ways you can pay to grow Instagram followers, but not all of them are ethical. For the sake of thoroughness, we’ll look into both honest and fraudulent methods. Search hashtags on Instagram and look for the ones that have under 500,000 posts. I usually spend about half an hour to an hour a day comment on other peoples’ photos. It’s totally possible to get brand deals on Instagram before the 10K mark. I’ve done it multiple times, but I’ve also heard from Insta-experts that 10K is the number a lot of brands look.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but don’t tack on extras just to hit 30. TrackMaven recommends nine hashtags for maximum engagement. Just make sure you don’t use the same nine hashtags over and over again. Instead, group your go-to hashtags by category so you can quickly add a few relevant hashtags to each post.

This helps other Instagram in finding bots and stopping them. So, don’t hesitate to report every suspicious account that’s following you. To report an account on Instagram, open their profile, tap on the three dots icon on the top right corner of their profile, and tap on the report button.

When done right, it can be an extremely effective way of getting traffic and new followers to your Instagram account. If you’ve ever thought long and hard about growing your Instagram account quickly. If you’re just growing your account and you want to tap into someone else’s following, they’re the ones with the leverage. Spend time sifting through hundreds of profiles to find the best matches. It’s time-consuming, but it works best, particularly if you’re on a tight budget, or don’t want to spend any money at all.

My feeling is that Instagram doesn’t monitor things quite as heavily as other platforms so you might be able to get away with it. However, I think having a slower more organic approach is better long term. Twitter certainly disallow “aggressive follow/unfollow churn”, and I do know people who have had their account suspended as a result of doing this. Personally, I tend to wait days before unfollowing someone. I like to give them a chance and see if I like their content before unfollowing them.

But in all seriousness, growing your Instagram following can help you to raise brand awareness, build relationships, and get more customers to your business. So in this guide, I’m going to share with you 22 free ways to get more followers on Instagram—quality followers, that is. Growth is always a good indicator of a successful, thriving account and once you have 1,000 followers, a lot of monetization opens up for you. Partnering with brands isn’t the only way to monetize your Instagram account. Read more about buy followers on tiktok here. On top of working directly with brands in sponsored posts, you could also use affiliate marketing to make an income on Instagram.

Within less than 30 minutes of adding this somewhat random mix of fashionistas, I received 10 follows of my own. To put that in perspective, I usually earn one or two new followers a week, if that. Sign up for Later to plan, schedule, and post to Instagram.

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