The Lost File of Love-Aasma Tahir

What’s this noise in the courtyard of your tomb?
Whenever I feel lonely and dejected,
And this world kills my creativity,
I open the window
Here appears your tomb,
Enclosed in the walls of Mughal tales,
Your soul calls me….
History still lives in your true love,
But who knows,
I look at your tomb, think of your innocence,
The world is barren….
Emotions have chosen the path of nothingness.
There is wasteland all around
The roads, the gardens and the buildings,
Strike against one another,
But the scent of your love,
Enthralls me every moment.
I don’t know where Love was born
But I know, it was entombed here.

Aasma Tahir is a Lahore-based Pakistani poet and a civil servant.Her poems have appeared on prestigious national and international forums.
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