The Dance of Life-Asif Khan

The table was small, and he

had put too many things on it,

things large and small,

precious and fragile, placed

in a pattern pregnant with peril.

By the time he finished

his square dance around the round table

and sat down hoping to order his breath,

most of the things lay shattered

on the floor, while the rest

had assumed a strange sequence,

against his will, and

beyond his comprehension.

And then, he heard the stern voices

of relentless, white uniforms,

holding infinitely big, black boxes

to carry away all the stuff,

portable or otherwise,

broken, or utterly exhausted,

neatly arranged or

in a wrong order


Asif Khan is a Pakistani poet who has published two collections of poetry. The Dance of Life has also been published in his collection An Aura of Autumn.
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