Life lives me with all my details-Eduard Harents

Life lives me with all my details,

and I turn around it

as a color of another brush.

My canvases have holes in them

as a Japanese coin,

through which one by one

all my loves free themselves

from me, always outwards

their parting

ringing about my wonderful loss…

And my claps

weigh heavier than I do.

So I have collected them

in my hand

as smashed paper money

and keep them

for the last – the death

to revamp its masks,

that will be hole one day,

as my canvases are.

And I’ll ring out forever,

and life will go on to live me

with all my details…

                             Translated from Armenian by Vanuhi Alabekyan

Eduard Harents is an award-winning leading Armenian poet whose work has been translated into many languages.

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