War is the last door-Nigar Arif

War is the last door, that you are ready to pass from your life to open it, in order to meet with justice and get back what really belongs to you… Today, my country-Azerbaijan is also at that door to liberate his ancient lands from Armenian occupation, return refugees to their native lands, restore historical justice in front of the eyes of the world… Now, some people who don’t have enough information, can think that Azerbaijan should solve the problem by peace way… But those people have to know: Azerbaijan tried to do it several times by waiting for 30 years… How do you think? Is it a little period of time? No! of course not!… We have never wished to have a war, as a humanist country we have been looking at our enemies through the windows of peace for years, despite all their aggression and the genocide they did to our people about 30 years ago…

But why? Why did we wait for such a long time?! Because we didn’t want to shed of blood, tears of children, sacrificing of innocent civilians or roar of bullets!… It was Armenia who pushed us to the door of the war, who didn’t leave another way to us by continuing his terrorism, attacking to our villages, regions, and killing our people! Even recently, during humanitarian ceasefire 9 civilians were killed and 40 civilians were injured in Ganja as a result of rocketing by Armenian forces at night while those civilians were sleeping… Not only Ganja but also other cities of Azerbaijan which are far from War zone such as Mingachevir, Terter, Absheron are under rocket attacks of Armenian forces. Who can tell that it is humanity? Attacking to innocent people who are asleep, weaponless is just a crime! And closing the eyes to such crimes is also supporting terrorism! So in such circumstances as a poet and citizen of Azerbaijan, I address the world by calling all the honest and fair people of the different countries to be with us, to support us for justice, for the truth! Because as Azerbaijanians we are only fighting to protect our people and for our historical territories in our own lands! Our fight is brave with the soldiers on the front, not with their civilians as the Armenian forces are doing! The whole world should know that we are not a criminal or violent nation! The weapons in our hands are the exclamations of “Karabakh is Azerbaijan!”, “Our homeland is indivisible!” …! We are martyred for the truth and we will win for the truth!

Nigar Arif is an internationally recognized poet who lives in Azerbaijan.
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