A Hanging Bridge and Other Poems- Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka

A Hanging Bridge

It was a dream or may be a reality,

A hanging bridge and the truth on it.

Raised high above the ground’s forehead,

Between heaven’s perfection and hells’ depths.

And we as travelers with luggage on our back.

We cross from one ridge to the other bank,

Indifferent to each other as if we aren’t there at all

Forgetting that we are human with a power of love.

My Soul

My soul flows along with me

Imperceptibly, yet so intimate

It is consigned to my heart

Travels with me in the oceans of life

Saves me when I am about to drown

In thoughtlessness

She summons me up with a peaceful voice

And helps me in climbing to the height

When I feel so tired

My unknown intimate soul

Solaces me when I cry

When my last hope is about to die

It stand between me and my despair

Like twilight as is stands

Between night and day.

A Ballad Of Tears

The night has again fallen,

The clock has struck midnight,

From the underground rises,

the time of peace and silence.

Some are swathed in blissful sleep

with its whole grace.

Others with sweat upon forehead,

They earn money for the bread,

To satisfy pangs of the belly;

And I am half-huddled

in glow of the night lamp,

Pen and paper in my hand

Wait for a sign of approval,

And in the sounds of unrest,

Tears pour out of the heart,

Flooding down onto a blank page with a ballad.

A Fragile Being

I hover over noiselessly,

On the fate’s eyelashes,

Though I’m a fragile being

In the cosmos,

Yet I traverse the stellar artery

Of ups and downs,

Push my own frontiers,

Rub myself against the firmament

Of divine bounty,

Sip nectar from a cup of his liberality.

As far As

The more your crystal tears fall

On the panes of my windows,

The more fruitful soil of my soul becomes,

Your are my beginning, you are my end,

Life and death,

Inseparable as water from the shore,

We are entwined like the roots of close trees,

Our gains and losses are common,

We are made to live perpetually here and then there,

As far as time stretches

And cosmos extends.

       Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka was born in Poland, and now lives permanently in Denmark. She is the author of four poetry books. Her poems were translated for many languages and can be found in many international anthologies. She is a laureate of many international awards and honors.

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