Unblemished, white as snow

Looking at the mirror

Do you see yourself in glory?

Or it’s just a vision

Of your double life tainted with mockery?

Humble and righteous

Reeking with the smell of purity

Do you see yourself truly?

Or you’re just a charlatan

Fooling yourself

And the world of your frivolity?

Vigilant and awake

Praying and waiting patiently

Do you see the incoming enemy?

Or you’re just crying wolf

Making fun of danger

But you’re sleeping actually?

Such acts are an iniquity

He sees you in all your falsity

Grieving the spirit continuously

Hiding your skeletons secretly

Fooling yourself losing credibility

Compromising in every opportunity.

Let your conscience be clear

Let your mind rebuke fear

Be hot or cold and not in between

Resist the enemy and flee from his whims

Rebuke all forms of wickedness

An unclean heart and lukewarmness.

So be ever prepared

Like a Thief in the Night He shall come

And don’t be caught unaware

Trim your wick and fill your lamps with oil

Wash your garments clean

Or you’ll miss the Great Wedding.

Believe in the truth

And set your eyes upon Him

Awake when He comes

Be a wise pure virgin

Choose Good over Evil

God shall win not the devil.

S.L.Luna is an internationally recognized Philippinean poet and peace ambassador.
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