EULOGY OF TEARS(Chadwick Baseman’s Tribute)-Benyeakeh Miapeh

Asleep against Earth,

In the whiskey dark, 

Earthly time has stopped,

Existence deletes,

Slide the blade across your face,

Totally gone blank,

The career sink,

Mind on the fritz,

Out of sync,

Disaster seeps,

Closing in on shrink,

The hurt is deep,

Frustrated in my head.
Rethinking on the sound of your breath,

Without fulfilling your dreams,

you left,

In second you greet death ,

Finishing the book of life,

Life depletes,

Darkness eats,

Death greets,

In a forever sleep,

Face cracked,

Hands stayed stave,

Image turned horrible,

Now separated from Earth,

Weeping around.
A broken heart,


In remembrance of the old,

While dreaming youthful years,

Becoming part of history,

In these modern times,

Easily now a used to be,

Leaving live behind,

Those among the best of us,

We lay down to rest,

Crying tears of eulogy,

As we miss your past.

Benyeakeh Miapeh is an emerging poet who wishes to communicate his personal experiences through poetry.

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