Some Words Untold, Some Stories Unrevealed-Sipaas Noor

With each new dawn, the birds’ chirp

dark  sky  gettin’  into  sun’s grip

rising each new day, we’re blessed with

not forgetting the one in the mirror; we have

hundreds of faces to see

hundreds of stories to know

everywhere there are

some words untold, some stories unrevealed.

Like coming to hospital, a man smitten

with  his  own  life and  story  he  own

that’s a workplace for some

but a nightmare for many

source of sustenance  for some

While a death camp for many

as with everyone , there are

Some words untold, Some stories unrevealed.

every bit of their tale, in which a role

a persona we play, and the other way around

to every happening, in our own way we respond

in set of story of our own, we judge a situation around

the ensuing conflicts and controversies therefore

would  all  be  vanished  and  concluded  sound

by just brushing aside ours’ and understanding their

some  words  untold, Some  stories  unrevealed.

End  the  rush  and  weighing  up  lives

halt this arrogance and depression’s tide

seeing others’ fortune that just seems

so  quit  equating  yours  with  theirs

being contented with yours, stay optimistic

letting others do the same with theirs

for all & sundry, meant to standout and keep

Some  words  untold, Some  stories  unrevealed.

Sipaas Noor is pursuing her MBBS from Faisalabad Medical University.
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