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“The Wail Of The Woods” By Zakir Malik-Book Review

The Wail of the Woods” is the collection of poems encompassing around hundred poems that highly bridge the grounds of hope, affliction, antagonism, containment and the margins of distress. The book is intellectually twisted with deep thoughts of the uprising that fills the inward fractions of person to dream with new hope and devotion. Zakir Malik has portrayed the images of bloodshed that have been violating the circumstance of the valley for decades. The poems inside the book deeply touched the pain of dwellers of the valley. As a poet, I realized that Zakir has narrated the tenderness of every person who undergoes and experience in everyday death. Poetry often gives some specific and definite insights of living and sheer imagination but the attempts that the Author has made put me into the state of bewilderment I came up with the realization of a fantastic artist who can some up the intense message with beautiful diction and taste of language. The book does not reveal the artistic approach to readers but a very far-reaching outlook of philosophy itself. The multiple prospects in the verses inside the book have successfully won the interests of the audience and greatly met up the expectations of the hungry readers.

Zakir Malik-author of The Wail of Woods

The Most beautiful grip that the reader goes through that the book takes to the highest horizons of wisdom and courage that makes the book and material accessible. Most of the poetry books let us surge into skies with our closed eyes dreams but the work of the poems of “ The wail of the Woods “ penetrates deep inside the soul and compels to rise with sky-touching dreams and hopes. Moreover, Zakir Malik succeeded to wing up the listeners with ears of passion, eyes of longing and flow of unbridled tongue. Reading this book will definitely coerce the reader to resemble the work with many famous bards although there are the poems that take one to the world of the uprising with soul and body. I smelt the taste of Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Iqbal and Abni Arabi in the verses of the Author. A writer should make the strong endeavor to bring forward the novel familiarity to the audience and this is the book that gives the reflection of oceanic rapture and absolute wisdom to move on. I strongly believe that author is going to be counted in the iconic writers of the Kashmir in the years ahead as his work will definitely rock in every nook of the world. I pay my hearty gratitude to him and wish him the best future of wrings ahead.

About the reviewer:

Qasim is a Kashmir Poet, novelist and social activist. He is author of poetry books- Secret of Dark Nights, Behind the Veil and a novel The Ashes.

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