A Shallow Dark-Ali Husnain

A step forth, a step back
A wink of the twinkling stars
Dead silence and A shallow dark
Winds and cries into a crack

Walks out of earth a poor line
Of mist; dark and dead
And a noise of the sane
blows a shrill in the pine

on a waterless lake
I swim with wings wet
Time, a rogue, shouts tongue-less
“Anew, anew, all at break”

A question out of why
And a creation out of ripples
Put blinds on murky eyes
And should say a final-bye?

Too close, still too far
A bird out of flight
Could see merely a drop
Afar, afar, afar, afar.

Ali Husnain is a poet and Mphil scholar currently enrolled in University of Lahore.
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