Rain in Lahore-Aurangzeb Wattoo

”Rain in Lahore”

It’s raining here

in a midsummer day

a girl jogging 

It’s raining here. 

Wearing a rosy shirt,

 her face is smiling ,hips are ripe

as she ran, it was lovely to watch.
I am confined here

in the moment

in the movement,spellbound. 

Young girls and boys, workers and lovers

no one knows me here,

 cars and trees ,walls and windows

It’s lovely to be unknown.
 This rain will ripe the fruits 

and our hopes too

Ottoman mosque is grand 

telling our story 

selfies in drizzling

life is beautiful , dreams are unlimited.
The rain is leaving now

yet I am here,all alone,

feeling the absence,all around 

after the rain, before the rain

its lovely to be unknown.

Aurangzeb Wattoo

Aurangzeb Wattoo is Editor-in-Chief of The Prelude.

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