Seasons of Pakistan-Saliha Huda

With the name of Allah,
Who is the most merciful,
and Who blessed our country
with all kinds of seasons…
The summer is the longest
with its hotness and suffocation,
the people who are less healthy
suffers from low blood pressure
but it is full of colors and fruits,
one of the fruits is mango,
this is a special and favorite one
among our desi people,
Ghaleb told two qualities of them
and they are: ‘they should be sweet
and they should be a lot in number’,
the children runs out when
gola ganda wala arrives in streets,
the cold drinks are common
among the people in summer,
guests are served with them
before a tea, lunch or dinner,

the temperature raise sometimes
above than 50’C in some areas
like Sibbi, the hottest one in Pakistan.
After summer, there is Barsaat,
this is the special season in Pakistan,
it comes with a lot of rains after summer,
the children come out of their houses
when the rain comes, they bath in it,
they store water of rain into a tub
and when the rain ends they made
some boats with the paper
and put them in the rain water,
the people goes to their work
with their umbrellas in rain
when it comes in the morning,
the women in the houses
made pakoras and besan wala naan
which is common in rainy season,
and people eat them with
delicious chatnees and raitas.
Then the season of Autumn comes
this is the shortest season in Pakistan,
because the winter awaits to come,
in this season, the leaves falls on soil,

they make noises under the chappal
in the gardens and along the side roads,
and especially at the bank of canal
in Lahore, they are yellow in color,
only those can hear their noise
who are sad at the time, because
these fallen leaves resemble them,
they are broken from their roots
and are under the foots of people,
the happy people finds beauty
among these fallen leaves,
they make their selfies with them
as they cause the good effects
in the mobile phone camera,
the sweeper clean the streets
which are full of those fallen leaves
with the broom, for him it’s garbage,
poets made their creations
by perceiving these things,
they make their philosophies
about the fallen leaves and trees
without leaves like ujra chaman,
hence, Autumn is the shortest but
deepest season in its nature.
Then comes winter with its coldness,

people stay inside their homes mostly
except when they have to go to the work,
northern areas are full of snow,
and the pathans prefer to go other places,
which are less cold and often
sale bhunay chanay and makai,
the Lahori people often went to
northern area to see snowfall
in the winter holidays of their children,
the children are fully packed
with two to three pajamas and shirts,
with jerseys and hot caps,
they often caught by flue and fever,
despite of all those packings,
in the houses people uses gas heaters
during the day to warm up,
in the night they take Garam razai,
the older people take garam chadars
and sweaters with full sleeves and soxes,
but the youngsters often don’t,
but they also take these things outside.
then the most beautiful season comes
with blossoms of flowers and full of colors,
this colorful season is called spring,
there are spring festivals in the country

and there are exhibition of flowers also,
the bank of canal is full of colorful flowers,
these flowers are reflected in the water
and this is the most beautiful thing in Lahore,
the leaves are sprouted again
from the same place, the place from where
the leaves were fallen in the Autumn,
it seems like giving a lesson,
a lesson of not losing hope,
the lesson of believing in Allah,
Who can gives you happiness with the same
from which you were disappointed,
and the life can be colorful again
after passing so many seasons of life.

Saliha Huda is pursuing her Mphil in English Literature from University of Lahore.
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