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Short Stories

WONDERLAND:The Lost Soul- Kirsten Mary

An unexpected debacle devastated our home, the Wonderland. Most of human beings thought that living in Wonderland will bring them wealth and never ending bunch of happiness. However, their wanting to live here fades continuously.

     I am standing here in a piece of a floating colorful broken brick, staring at our house where we had lived for a thousand years. Our house was known for being created and lived by a powerful spirit of all beings, Zelan. They said his hands are full of wonders. He is the one who created the greatest disaster happened here in Wonderland. No wonder why he is known by everyone but never seen by a human being before. Moreover he is also known as the “God of Lies”. He used to transformed as a  handsome and charming human being where all human girls are being attracted to him and fooled by his great physical characteristics. But little do they know that when the blue sun rises from the west to east in our world, his borrowed body becomes his true appearance in humans world. Yet, why do he need to borrow a human body when he can create a human body himself?

     Well, before we continue that, yes, I am still standing above these floating bricks. Thousands of guards are haunting and finding me. They are chasing me with the handmaids. The kings and queens are waiting at the Wonderland Cana. Where you can find in the southeast of our world. I took out the expensive shimmering diamonds out of my pockets. I thought they would already stopped chasing me crazily.

“Your highness! The kings and queens are waiting.” Said by the guards.

“Our future queen please accept these diamonds, they will be needed for the dress that you will wear this day!” Shouting by the handmaids.

     I continued to run away from my home. This is the big disaster. This is the day the people said the greatest debacle that was caused by Zelan.

“I am Zylith! And it is my choice not to be..a princess!” I exclaimed.

     I am the chosen princess. I am the only child and daughter of our clan aside from the queen, my mother. I should be the queen but my destiny leads me to the other side of the road. And that destiny is written story by myself. What’s the point if of your position or state in life when you are not happy or satisfied from what are you doing? Of course I know the strict rules of a princess that is to be nearly to be a queen. There’s a big responsibility to protect and rule the new kingdom. I love the people in my kingdom. I care for them. But, I don’t really want to be a queen. I don’t want to be someone who I don’t want to be in the future. Yet this statement I gave through the whole universe didn’t prevent every creature to bring me back to the castle again. Meanwhile in the Wonderland Cana,

“Is there any report about my dear daughter, Zylith?” Asked by the queen.

“I deeply apologized Your Majesty, but my armed guards and soldiers continue to find her in the midst of the nights for 21 days and 22 nights.”

“Find her immediately this night before the moon covered the sun at 12 of the night.” Ordered by the king.      The night came, the light of the sun disappeared and the stars shine brightly. It is already midnight. The princess, Zylith wandered around the forest. There she found a secret door where it believed that leads to the human world away from Wonderland. The only way to escape magics and illusions from their world. A possible way to see and meet the God of Lies, Zelan. This door is only meant for the powerful creature of Wonderland. Zylith was not sure about being powerful for she knows that their family was known to be the richest among of kingdoms. Therefore she does not have the power to open the gate of Human World. But since she was the only who discovered this gate she still decided to open it without powers. She opened it with the use of her necklace that had been given to her since she was born. The necklace still remained a question for she did not know who it without powers. She opened it with the use of her necklace that had been given to her since she was born. The necklace still remained a question for she did not know who gave it to her. The only thing…she knows is that it was a beautiful and magnificent gift by an unknown lover. Successfully, she had opened the gate and was teleported into the world of humans. Is Zylith ready for this new beginning to the unknown world?

     It’s cold. Something’s tickling my feet. What is that? Why is it like thorns? But they are soft. They are not hurting me. It’s…….it’s..it’s so amazing! It’s my first time to land on the unknown world called earth. I didn’t know that so many strange things are here too. For me, it’s like more magical than our world, than our kingdom.

“Churros! Sweet choco Churros!” Yelled by a woman.

“Churros! Ma’am would you like some churros? It’s only for $1 for you young woman.” She added.

     I was scared to ask her or talk to her. I don’t know much yet about the other side of the world. That moment was filled with silence.

“O young lady, maybe you don’t have money and your clothes are unfamiliar to us. But don’t be scared nor worry, I can give you some.” I don’t know what to feel when she said that to me. I felt comfort for I didn’t eat but that creature gave me her hospitality even the two of us don’t know the world we came from. I was welcomed and stayed for that woman’s house for 5 days because of tiredness that I felt for 22 days running and chasing by my guards and handmaids. I was given new clothes. For those days I stayed there, I learned things that a human usually do. They have household chores like washing plates and watering plants. I also knew about how they act and socialize to each other.

     One morning, while I’m walking towards the market, I’ve decided to disguise and remained as a human. It’s my chance to find Zelan. I wonder where he lives? Meanwhile

“Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!! LOOKKK!!! IT’S HIM! IT’S REALLY HIM!!!!” The women beside me shouted.

Who is that?


I joined the crowd and pushed the crazily girls shouting loudly. I was astounded by a guy. A handsome looking guy which standing at the center of a stage where crowds gather. It’s like a big event. Now I know that those girls were fans of him. But something was off. Something feels peculiar…

“Excuse me. EXCUSE ME EXCUSE ME LET ME IN! Ahem! handsome Zephyr. I’m one of your greatest fans ever. I am…uhhh your secret admirer” a girl named Chloe said to the guy.

The way she talked was completely ridiculous and disturbing because of her way of saying it lies a different intention.

She then continued talking to that guy named Zephyr like she was an obvious attention seeker.

“Did you know that Chloe is a faker. She is rich that’s why she thinks that she can have all she wants. That’s so lame.” A lady of my age beside me said.

“Tsk! Using that guy to have a good reputation. So lameee!”

I asked her, “Do you think that guy she was talking to knows about it?”

She said, “Nah…don’t think so. But that guy seemed pretty intelligent, but not aware of his surroundings sometimes.”

I went home after that. I don’t care about what happened earlier near the market. It won’t matter to things I’m planning. As I was about to sleep, my charm glowed. I didn’t know why but it keeps glowing but 30 seconds later, my room went dark. Only the glow of my necklace gives me a little light. I glanced at him. Did I teleported again to the other side of the world? Am I dreaming? Who is that? I think I’m lying down. I can’t move my arms nor my feet. It feels like I’m stuck. But everything around me seems like a blur. A stranger came in front of me. His words were blurred too but I can see his mouth moving. He lean on I think I’m lying down. I can’t move my arms nor my feet. It feels like I’m stuck. But everything around me seems like a blur. A stranger came in front of me. His words were blurred too but I can see his mouth moving. He lean on me. I can see his face. I don’t know what he will do to me but his face is too near my cheeks and lips. I felt a warm kiss. He kissed me with his bare and warm lips. And then he said, “Yumi, Zerendena Shitou. These three words were the only words that remained in my mind. The only words that were clear and heard by me. Those were unfamiliar words. I didn’t know what do it mean. I woke up at 2:20 am. The sky was still dark but I was holding a book. A book that I didn’t buy or gave by someone. When I look……through the book, it says “Clara Crepuscule Loc” Which means, “Clear, obsecured place”. Which I didn’t get at first. As I opened the book the first thing I read was the word Ticula. In the story it says that when the world was not created before, an unknown God has been roaming across the universe and made a diminished place called Brielle. There was a curse in that place that can never be lifted unless if it will be withdraw by the daughter of the God Ticula. Ticula was the God of black world that can destroy everything that is powerful. Love. Light. Memories. 21 days and 22 nights during the years of blue sun rising and never escaping from the sight of Ticula is the only time her daughter can diminished the curse forever. But a tragedy happened that time. Ticula’s daughter went missing and is believed that she was also included in the curse. Forever that the curse won’t be lifted was once a belief by humans and every creatures living in the universe.

   But that won’t be the end of that place. The curse don’t affect people living in Brielle. The curse was only meant for one powerful creature, Verose. The daughter of Ticula. She can’t love other creature except herself. She can’t follow the lines of her life. It means that she can never achieved something and follow where her heart wants to be. She can only be a bother, traitor, and other evil characteristics in the whole universe.

     Finally I finished the story. I was about to close the for a while and take a break planning about what I should the next day. But my can’t take off the last page of the book where there’s a letter inserted in an envelope. It says that,

“The curse was an empty room without windows behind a door. It can never be closed. It can just stay opened while the necklace is stay put on shoulders of a young immortal.” AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SOLDIERS ARE HERE! THE SOLDIERS OF MINAU!!!!!!. I heard a scream outside the house. I look through the window and saw hundreds of guards chasing young women outside. The parents and husbands can’t do anything for the guards were holding guns. I ran through the back door where it continues up to the mountains. I took the book, my necklace and ran towards the door. I ended up in a mountain. I stayed there for 2 days.

     One morning, a mysterious person’s vague shadow was seen by my eyes blurred. I get up quickly and grab a branch from a tree. I climbed up a tall tree and wait there for the person to hunt me. To my surprise, a handsome looking man walked out the forest. Seeing his furious face in the middle of the night made me confused.

     “Longing and mourning, longing and mourning…what the heck was that supposed to mean?” Mumbled by the man. I am all confused. I don’t have a clue of the entire situation. Could it be…

About the writer: Kristen Mary is madly in love with storytelling.
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