The Thought Bullet-Muddasir Ahmad Thokr

Every day I hear rattling bullets

Something else too bleeds

Besides the wailing mother

My ink too weeps

The clouds engulf the stars

The sun cooled its heat

Though some dead rays

Dwelled in my loneliness   

 Hot angry cruel gun

 Pierced the soft child’s chest

 Wide eyes gazed the hunter

Then now and again now

  Bullets wrote their history

Between hunter and hunt

   A bold grief born again

Innocent cries got buried

Deep, deep under the piles of files

 Altogether turned into ashes

 As if for granted

  Till again a sharp bullet

Entered deep in my head

  And the page again is printed.

About the Writer :Muddasir Ahmad Thokar is an emerging poet from Kashmir whose collection of poems “Prisoner at Paradise” garnered positive reviews.
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