Ravaged Paradise-Masooma Ishtiaq

The spring of blossoms colored with blood

the dignity of land divided with stubborn

 Funerals represent Pentimento.

The Kashmir is the outlet of bigotry

etymology shattered with the wrong spade

the screams rushed into the ground.

 Chaadars are wages for breaths    (chaadars = Covering cloth for a woman)

alarming flames turned into ashes

Where sons are standing on Pul-Siraat. (A bridge thinner than a hair)

no father, no brother, no husband

There is nobody capable to protect you

Testimony of land is asphyxiated.

Kashmir is like a child

crying in backbone fever

Nobody dares to put his heart on fire.

Exhausted in fighting


eyes are awaiting… Extinguishing!

About the Writer: Masooma Ishtiaq is an research Scholar currently pursuing her M.Phil in English Literature from University of Lahore.
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