“It is love to have a Moth on a candle at night”-(Mir)-Anum Irshad

It is love to have a Moth on a candle at night

There is love to bring this burning heart

He was beaten to death by a man

Farhad loves to leave the world

Get up and understand that it is like a whirlwind

Migration is the love of your time

Just day and night, O Sapehar Sa’i

Or to grieve is to burn is love

The sword that sat there devoured you

O chest, it is love to bear your wounds

All of a sudden you blew wherever you are

O love, it is love to light your fire

If there is a deal, then do some treatment to Mir

There is love in this medicine of yours.

(Mir Taqi Mir)

Translated by

Anam Irshad

About the author:Mir Taqi Mir was a classical Urdu poet of 18th century who is often regarded as one of the greatest poets of Indian Subcontinent.

About the translator :Anam Irshad is an Mphil Scholar who is currently working on comparative study of French And Colombian Literature.
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