I am a Woman-Maria Mukhtiar

Let me shine like a Sun

And wander like a wind.

Why brother?

You threw my bag

Into the trash; slaughtered my dreams

And buried my wishes.

You engulped my share

And left me meek.

I am beauty of the world

Not a prisoner of cage

Let me shine like a Sun

And wander like a wind.

Why Father? You imprisoned me

in the home, with the chains of horror,

sacrificed me for your shattered honor

to the man who crushed me into

pieces and murdered my soul;

suppressed my sobs behind the doors.

I am blessing to be loved

not a sheep to be sheered and eaten

let me shine like Sun

and wander like a wind

why God? You made me woman?

To burn in the flame of a man?

To be killed for Honor

and ruthlessly raped

you told me that I am made

from the beauty of heaven,

bestowed with blessings and light to men

then why this oppression

I am Bearing from generations?

About the writer: Maria Mukhtar is currently pursuing her graduation in English Linguistics from University of Sindh, Jamshoro
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